Case Study

Kid A have the problems of knock knee and over-pronated feet. In order to avoid the situation get worse after the growth period, it is recommended that the following matter:

  1. Choose the shoe with the good stability, besides high ankle shoes can be strengthen the control of heel. It is helpful that lessens the deviation angle of heel valgus and knock knee.
  2. Cultivate the exercise habits, e.g., tip-toe and toe exercise. Do more exercise can be temper the foot muscle, maintain the structure of foot, and help the bones growing up healthily.
  3. Wear custom-made UCBL; support the foot arch, as a preventive correction.



Mr. Y had the problem of scoliosis; more than 40 degrees of curvature are shown serious scoliosis. After surgery and physical therapy, the above problems have been improved. However, pelvic obliquity caused by the leg length discrepancy, it still troubled his daily life. So that he often feel tired back.

In addition, Mr. Y has over-pronated feet (low arch), it is recommended that the following matter:

  1. Should be wear the shoe with the good stability, increase the protection of feet, and also stable the heel.
  2. Cultivate the exercise habits such as yoga and pilates, strengthen the muscles around the discs bone, it helps to improve the problem of pelvic obliquity.
  3. Call attention to the posture in daily life, such as sitting and standing posture.
  4. Wear custom-made orthotic insole, according to the deviation height to increase the heel height of insole for the shorter side.



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