Custom-made Orthotic Insole
(Include Foot Bio-mechanic Assessment)


Why choose us?

  • Professional – We have over 20 years experience on prescribing footcare products. Our orthotist will design insole with various functions and give advice for individuals’ need as the same time.
  • Foot pressure analysis – Our computer system can generate scientific printed report about our patient's foot pressure.
  • High quality insole material – Adopt good appearance, endurance and functional insole material. We ensure our insole function can be maximize to our patient.
  • Regular follow-up service  – 1 year free follow-up service is guaranteedin our centre for checking the effectivenessand comfort of the insole.


STEP 1     Detailed Foot Bio-mechanic Assessment

Dynamic Pressure Analysis – Record the distribution of the plantar pressure during walking and analyze the peak pressure points and posture deviations of the foot (degree).

  • Analysis the muscle and joint power of the patient

  • Prescribe suitable advice after knowing the additional information including life habit, activity levels, shoe wears etc.


Step 2     Advice and Prescription

  • Design suitable custom-made insole for individuals’ needs
  • Suggest suitable shoe wears and foot exercises.

NOTE  – A pair of well-designed orthothic custom insoles should effectively improve the posture during walking, running, jumping, and reduce abnormal joint activities caused by foot shape deviations (such as flat feet). However, no matter how to design a good insole, it can only be a "passive" control of the foot structure. A comprehensive foot structure improvement should be included the "active control" which is the exercise of the foot muscles.


Step 3     Foot Model Casting

  • Orthotist adopt different casting method for different purpose

◊   Medical use Thermoplastic: fast, clean and accurate

◊   Foam Box: Make a total contact between the foot and the insole. Redistribute the plantar foot pressure.


Step 4     Insole Fabrication

  • Technicians will manufacture high quality insoles according to the requirements of orthotist.


Step 5     Insole Fitting

  • Our staff will make appointment with the patient for insole fitting
  • It is recommended that the patient bring suitable shoes on the fitting day, which is convenient for the orthotist to make effective functional evaluation.


Step 6     Regular follow-up service (every 4-6 months)

  • Regular follow-up will be carried out.. Patients are encouraged to come and visit us with the insoles. The insole functions will be evaluated to ensure the insole’s optimum functions


For Leather shoes / High heel

Total contact (Soft)



Common Question

How long can I get my custom insole?

It takes about 14 working days from the time of taking the foot mold.

Can children flat feet be treated by wearing custom insoles?

Flat feet are the deviation caused by joints, muscles, and bones. The purpose of wearing custom-made insoles for children is to prevent the appearance of deterioration, while exercising and wearing appropriate shoes can also control the flat feet.

What are the characteristics of your service?

We use the thermoplastic (medical use) for taking the foot mold. Compare with taking mold with the traditional plaster bandages, the process has shortened and more clean.

We focus on the follow-up service for every customer. We suggest customers come for the follow-up, which check out the condition of foot and the function of orthotic insole.

What are the professional qualifications of the person who provide the assessment service?

There are the orthotist(s), which graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University, department of Prosthetic and Orthothic, or related. They are both experienced and practiced.

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