Metatarsalgia located on forefoot area. This type of pain always appeared in the athlete, lady who often wear high heel shoe and perple with flat feet.

We met a patient in our clinic eith this problem. He is sporty and love to play badminton and tennis. He also has flat feet.

  1. Orthotist give the following advice:

    Pressure concentrated on forefoot area and cause the horizontal arch collapsed and forefoot enlarge. To reduce the discomfort on forefoot, choosing the shoe with border toe box is recommended. The body of the shoe should not be too slim and the heel cup should be rigid enough to control the foot pronation.

  2. Also encourage doing stretching exercise as the plantar fascia and muscle are stretched by flat feet. Doing stretching exercise can recover the elasticity of the muscle and tendon and reduce the chance of getting injury

  3. With arch support insole, redistribution the foot pressure and relief the pain.

Fellow up with insole: He feel that his arch is supported and the pain is subside.


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