Custom-made Insole (Including Foot Bio-mechanic & Posture Assessment)


  • Professional – Our orthotist has over 20 years experiences of providing foot assessment service and designing custom-made insole. Our orthotist design insole according to the wearer's need(s).

  • Assessed by Professional Foot & Posture software(s) – Foot pressure sensor plate and Posture checking software are used for checking.

  • Use of Good Quality Material(s) – Good appearance, Durable and Functional Material. We ensure our insole function(s) can be maximized.

  • Follow-up  – A year guarantee. We provide the free follow-up service if there are any problems with our custom-made insole.in our centre for checking the effectivenessand comfort of the insole.


Foot Bio-mechanic & Posture Assessment

UsingFoot Pressure Sensor plate systemand Posture analysis software(s) to do the check-ups.

  • Dynamic Pressure Analysis – The sensor plate sense and analyse the pressure point(s) of foot plantar when walking.

  • Foot muscle strength test and pain analysis by our orthotist.

  • Consultation. (Understand the habit, activity level, and wearing footwear(s).

Explaination and Suggestion

  • Explain the assessment results.

  • Checked by Manipulation.

  • Suggest suitable shoe wears and foot exercise(s).

  • Design the most suitable insole for the wearer.

Extra for you  – A pair of well-designed custom-made insoles should effectively improve the posture when moving and reduce abnormal joint movement caused by foot shape deviation (such as flat feet, etc.).足部肌力的鍛鍊.

Foot Mold Casting

Different ways for foot mould taking respond to the situation of customer

  • computer scanning:quick, clean, accurate 

  • Thermoplastic (Medical use): clean, accurate 

  • Foam Box: use this if needed

Insole Fabrication

  • The foot mold are sent to our laboratory for fabricating processes.

  • Our technician make insole according to the requirement and design of our orthotist.

  • Orthotist check and ensure the quality and functionality.

Insole Fitting

  • We will inform you when the insole(s) are ready.and make appointment for fitting.

  • Bring or wear the shoes that you usually wear are recommended.

  • Insole fitting. Make adjustment or trim the insole if needed.

Follow up

  • Insole functions after wearing a period of time.

  • We will contact you to follow your case.

  • You can make the appointment to see the orthotist if needed.


We provide various types of standard insole design.


How long it spend to tailor-made?

It spends 10-14 days.

Can children correct flatfeet by wearing custom-made insole?

Flat feet are the deviation caused by joints, muscles, and bones. The purpose of wearing custom-made insoles for children is to prevent the appearance of deterioration, while exercising and wearing appropriate shoes can also control the flat feet.

What are the characteristics of your service?

We use the thermoplastic (medical use) for taking the foot mold. Compare with taking mold with the traditional plaster bandages, the process has shortened and clean.

We care every customers. We provide the regular follow up service . We will contact you about 4-6 months once you got your custom-made insole.

What are the professional qualifications of the person who provide the assessment service?

We havethe qualified orthotist (prosthetist),who have got related degree and practical qualification in Hong Kong Polytechnic University. In addition, he had got an advanced professional qualification in USA.

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