Boston Brace for Scoliosis


  • The spine is consisted of 33 vertebrae from the cervical spine to the sacral vertebrae that support our body and protect our central nervous system.

  • A healthy spine (look from the back) should be straight.

  • If you have scoliosis, the spine will bend to the left or right, in the shape of the word 'C' or 'S'.


額外話你知 – 研究指出,女孩比男孩較容易患脊柱側彎 (機會高出約6-7倍!)並惡化,一般年齡約10-14歲左右。

  • Affect growth and appearance, and the psychological growth.

  • If the scoliosis is serious, it can lead to low back pain, neck pain, poor cardiopulmonary function, and even early degeneration of the spinal joint.


Scoliosis at early condition has no symptoms such as pain and discomfort. It is normally discovered by parents when the child's spine is bent to the left and right obviously.

Parents can start to pay attention to the following symptoms when they are about 8 years old:

  • Whether the left and right shoulder blades level (the 'chicken wing position') are different?

  • The pelvic (the buttocks) or the waist is tilted?

  • Whether the left and right shoulders height is uneven?

  • Is body tend to left or right side during walking?

Recommend Assessment Method

  • Children can straighten their knees, slowly bending the body forward to about 90 degrees

  • Parents can observe from the rear of the child whether his back is asymmetrical or the scapula on one side (ie, 'chicken wing') is significantly raised.

Treatment for Scoliosis


Below 20 degrees


20 – 45 degrees

  • In addition to regular follow up by specialists, an orthothic Boston brace is also required to prevent further scoliosis and deterioration.

  • The Boston brace usually needs to be worn until the bones growth are completed, which is usually around 14 – 16 years old.

  • For better results, it is recommended to wear the brace for more than 20 hours a day.

  • The size, appearance and comfort of the Boston brace are important to the wearer. Regular inspections and follow-ups are also required every six months.

  • “Boston – Orthothic Brace” is an effective option. Physically and bio-mechanically push the deformed spine back to near normal position.

45 degrees or more

建議由專科醫生進行脊椎矯正手術,以保護身體功能, 防止惡化。





根據衛生署統計,香港兒童脊椎側彎 的比例正在上升,達到約8%。其中女性對男性的比例是大約9:1,發生的年紀多為10 – 16歲。如這階段處理不當,會容易導致腰背痛、肺活量減少及呼吸短促等現象,另外脊椎關節在長期受力不均之下,多半衍生成退化性關節炎,如果側彎度數過大,甚至會影響心肺功能或對腹腔增壓,導致日後心肺功能障礙。

Most children with 20-40 degrees of scoliosis are now using a custom made scoliosis brace in public hospitals. The manufacturing time is usually quit long. From the time to get referral by the orthopaedic surgeon to obtain the scoliosis. It need to be wait for more than half year.

由於青少年10 -16歲正處於發育期,患有脊椎側彎的兒童1-2個月內如沒有適當跟進,脊椎的側彎角度便會很容易加劇惡化。而且,醫院提供的傳統腰背架設計體積比較大,覆蓋範圍達至上胸,有如機械人一樣 (如圖),對兒童的心理亦造成抗拒感。

Since 2008, our center has introduced a new type of spinal brace for scoliosis, named Boston Brace.












The Boston brace usually needs to be worn until the bones are completely grown, which is usually around 14 – 16 years old. If you want to have the best correction, it is recommended to wear the brace for more than 20 hours a day. Therefore, the size, appearance and comfort of the brace are importantance for children.


Traditionally, the Boston Scoliosis Brace(Day) is hard and may lead to uncomfort while wearer sleeping at night. Boston Scoliosis (Night) Brace provides certain support at night while reducing the discomfort by using softer materials. The opening locate in the front chest also allowing the wearer to sleep more comfortably.


The production process is as same as the traditional Boston Brace(Day). The orthotist will measure the size of the patient. The data will be sent to the Irish production headquarters for detailed analysis about 2-3 weeks. After that, the Brace will send to our centre and our orthotist will make appropriate adjustments to fit the patient.


Boston Brace (Night use)Cannot replace the Boston Brace (Day). It just provides proper support and control during lying/resting. It is recommended to use Boston Brace (Day) in different situations to give patients with scoliosis more comprehensive orthothic treatment.


What should I do if I want to fit a Boston brace for my children?

You can make appointment directly with our center. The orthotist will first assess the patients. If you have a recent X-ray film, it is recommended to bring it to the center, which will help the orthotist to evaluate your condition. The orthotist will also perform posture, muscle strength and gait analysis for the patient. If you need to have the Boston brace, the orthotist will measure the size of the fitter's body and do not need to take a plaster cast.

The orthotist will also perform posture, muscle strength and gait analysis for the patient. All of the information will be sent to the headquarters in Ireland for production. The orthotic Boston brace will be sent back to Hong Kong using about 2 weeks. Orthotist will adjust the brace for patient to try on.


If you want to order a Boston brace, do you need a doctor's referral?

It is not necessary. You can make an appointment directly with our center and our orthothists will perform a set of assessment to elevate whether you need to order a Boston brace. Orthotist will also refer patients to other professionals, such as physiotherapists, for other treatments if they are needed.

What age is the Boston brace recommended?

一般9-18歲的青少年,如患有20 – 55°的脊椎側彎角度,都可能需要脊椎側彎腰背架。此腰背架的功能,是提供,利用力學原理,幫助將脊椎側彎最大的彎度往相反方向矯正,及預防側彎程度進一步惡化。

Is it difficult to wear the Boston brace?

The Boston brace is easy to wear and remove. In fact, most of the wearers wear the brace by themselves. The orthotist will guide patient on how to wear it on the day of fitting.