Boston Brace for Scoliosis

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  • The spine is consisted of 33 vertebrae from the cervical spine to the sacral vertebrae that support our body and protect our central nervous system.
  • A healthy spine (look from the back) should be straight.
  • If you have scoliosis, the spine will bend to the left or right, in the shape of the word 'C' or 'S'.

  • Congenital
  • Structural
  • Unknown reason.

NOTE – Girls are more likely to have scoliosis than boys (about 6-7 times higher!) and worsen, especially at 10-14 years old.

  • Affect growth and appearance, and the psychological growth.
  • If the scoliosis is serious, it can lead to low back pain, neck pain, poor cardiopulmonary function, and even early degeneration of the spinal joint.

Easy check method (DIY)


Scoliosis at early condition has no symptoms such as pain and discomfort. It is normally discovered by parents when the child's spine is bent to the left and right obviously.

Parents can start to pay attention to the following symptoms when they are about 8 years old:

  • Whether the left and right shoulder blades level (the 'chicken wing position') are different?
  • The pelvic (the buttocks) or the waist is tilted?
  • Whether the left and right shoulders height is uneven?
  • Is body tend to left or right side during walking?

Recommend Assessment Method

  • Children can straighten their knees, slowly bending the body forward to about 90 degrees
  • Parents can observe from the rear of the child whether his back is asymmetrical or the scapula on one side (ie, 'chicken wing') is significantly raised.

Treatment for Scoliosis

Below 20 degrees

  • It is not easy to detect. It is recommended to have regular follow up by a specialist on a regular basis to prevent deterioration.

20 – 45 degrees

  • In addition to regular follow up by specialists, an orthothic Boston brace is also required to prevent further scoliosis and deterioration.
  • The Boston brace usually needs to be worn until the bones growth are completed, which is usually around 14 – 16 years old.
  • For better results, it is recommended to wear the brace for more than 20 hours a day.
  • The size, appearance and comfort of the Boston brace are important to the wearer. Regular inspections and follow-ups are also required every six months.
  • “Boston – Orthothic Brace” is an effective option. Physically and bio-mechanically push the deformed spine back to near normal position.

45 degrees or more

  • It is recommended that a specialist perform a spinal surgeon to protect the body and prevent deterioration.

Boston Orthothic Brace

According to the statistics from the Department of Health, the proportion of children's scoliosis in Hong Kong (Figure 1) is rising and reach about 8%. The proportion of women to men is about 9:1. The age of occurrence is mostly at 10-16 years old. If the Scoliosis are not handled properly in this stage, it will easily lead to low back pain, decreased vital capacity and shortness of breath. In addition, under the uneven long-term stressing on the spine joint, most of them will suffer from degenerative arthritis. If the degree of lateral curvature is too large, it may even affect cardiopulmonary function or pressurization of the abdominal cavity and lead to future cardiopulmonary dysfunction.

Figure 1: Scoliosis

Figure 2: Traditional Scoliosis Brace


Most children with 20-40 degrees of scoliosis are now using a custom made scoliosis brace in public hospitals. The manufacturing time is usually quit long. From the time to get referral by the orthopaedic surgeon to obtain the scoliosis. It need to be wait for more than half year.

Since adolescents are at age 10-16, if the child with scoliosis does not follow up properly within 1-2 months, the scoliosis angle of the spine can easily exacerbate. Moreover, the traditional scoliosis brace provided by the hospital is relatively large in size and covers the upper chest. It just like a robot (Figure 2), which also has a resistance to children's psychology.

Since 2008, our center has introduced a new type of spinal brace for scoliosis, named Boston Brace.

The Orthothic Scoliosis Boston Brace was designed by orthopaedic surgeons and orthothic in 1972. It has been widely accepted and applied worldwide through continuous improvement and expert recommendation. This Boston brace has been academically researched and clinically verified by relevant experts over the years. If it is worn under the correct guidance, it will have different positive effects.

Boston Bracedesign features

  1. The texture is hard and strong, so the opening can be low and simple.

Benefits: Not easy to aware when children wear the brace, The patient can even wearing jeans with the brace. It is easier for child to accept the brace and willing to wear that.

  1. Inner layer: full of cushion

Benefits: Comfortable, easy to clean and avoid pressure points.


  1. Symmetrical design

Benefits: Push the curved spinal vertebrae to the mid-line of the spine to prevent the scoliosis become worse. (Figure 5)

Figure 5: Control the angle of the scoliosis after wearing the Boston brace

The Boston brace usually needs to be worn until the bones are completely grown, which is usually around 14 – 16 years old. If you want to have the best correction, it is recommended to wear the brace for more than 20 hours a day. Therefore, the size, appearance and comfort of the brace are importantance for children.

Boston Brace (Night)


Traditionally, the Boston Scoliosis Brace(Day) is hard and may lead to uncomfort while wearer sleeping at night. Boston Scoliosis (Night) Brace provides certain support at night while reducing the discomfort by using softer materials. The opening locate in the front chest also allowing the wearer to sleep more comfortably.

              front                                 side


Preparation process

The production process is as same as the traditional Boston Brace(Day). The orthotist will measure the size of the patient. The data will be sent to the Irish production headquarters for detailed analysis about 2-3 weeks. After that, the Brace will send to our centre and our orthotist will make appropriate adjustments to fit the patient.



Boston Brace (Night use)Cannot replace the Boston Brace (Day). It just provides proper support and control during lying/resting. It is recommended to use Boston Brace (Day) in different situations to give patients with scoliosis more comprehensive orthothic treatment.

Common Question

What should I do if I want to fit a Boston brace for my children?

You can make appointment directly with our center. The orthotist will first assess the patients. If you have a recent X-ray film, it is recommended to bring it to the center, which will help the orthotist to evaluate your condition. The orthotist will also perform posture, muscle strength and gait analysis for the patient. If you need to have the Boston brace, the orthotist will measure the size of the fitter's body and do not need to take a plaster cast.

The orthotist will also perform posture, muscle strength and gait analysis for the patient. All of the information will be sent to the headquarters in Ireland for production. The orthotic Boston brace will be sent back to Hong Kong using about 2 weeks. Orthotist will adjust the brace for patient to try on.

The physiotherapists at the centre can also provide treatment and exercise recommendations for patients with scoliosis. To make the overall treatment more comprehensive.


If you want to order a Boston brace, do you need a doctor's referral?

It is not necessary. You can make an appointment directly with our center and our orthothists will perform a set of assessment to elevate whether you need to order a Boston brace. Orthotist will also refer patients to other professionals, such as physiotherapists, for other treatments if they are needed.


What age is the Boston brace recommended?

For adolescents between the ages of 9 and 18, if they have scoliosis angle up for 20-55°, they may require a Boston brace. The function of this Boston brace is correcting the maximum curvature of the scoliosis by pushing the curve in the opposite direction using mechanical principles. It can prevent further deterioration of the degree of scoliosis.


 Is it difficult to wear the Boston brace?

The Boston brace is easy to wear and remove. In fact, most of the wearers wear the brace by themselves. The orthotist will guide patient on how to wear it on the day of fitting.


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