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Hong Kong Foot-Spine Assessment Centre

To provide one-stop foot-spine care services for customers, including the foot-spine assessment,custom-made orthotic insoles, scoliosis treatment, podiatry, physiotherapy.

“Hong Kong Foot-Spine Assessment Centre” was established in 2008 to provide one-stop services for foot-spine care, including detailed foot-spine assessment, custom-made orthotic insole, scoliosis treatment, podiatry, physiotherapy and health sports courses. Our clinic is stationing the team include orthotist who graduated from Hong Kong Polytechnic University registered podiatry (UK) and registered physiotherapist. According to customer needs, to provide professional advice and treatment that enhance the quality of life for customers. We also lead into variety of foreign imports and high quality foot care products actively, including health shoes, insoles, etc. Therefore, more customer can get the suitable care.

Our orthotist and  team also value the responsibilities of health education to public, so that our clinic added different themes of health and special subject courses. We are also actively involved in free foot-spine assessment for community, held the foot-spine lectures for different institutional groups on invitation, fulfill the social enterprise responsibility.

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