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Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

Re-align your walking posture with your custom-made orthotic insole

How to choose the right shoes for children

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Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

Focus on your foot and spine health

We are committed to provide professional services and products.

We provide the most suitable foot/spine care advise and targeted solution, according to the foot condition and needs of individuals.

We are actively introducing a variety of quality foot/spine care products, including insole, comfort and functional shoes, and sporting goods.

Foot Bio-mechanic Assessment

Understand your foot/spine condition, foot muscle strength test Computerized foot pressure analysis. Fast and accurate, and the professional analysis of our orthotist, can determine the cause of your foot pain. In addition, we provide appropriate targeted solutions/recommendations.

Custom-made Orthotic Insole

Our professional orthotist will design the best and suitable orthotic according to the results of foot bio-mechanic assessment and we will recommend the shoe category, which suits you the best.

Prosthesis & Orthosis

The patient and the hurts will be evaluated, then the prosthesis or orthotsis will be produced for him/her. Assembly and the adjustment will be done when doing fitting.

Boston Brace for Scoliosis

Our scoliosis brace provides lightweight, easy-to-wear/wear off, easy-to-cover and comfortable orthopedic support for patients with scoliosis. It can effectively control and improve scoliosis condition and degree.

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Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

Case Sharing

Pronated feet + knee valgus

This children has pronated feet and knee varus. He is easy to fall. To correct the flat feet and improve his balance, orthotist give some advice: 1. Chose the shoe with better foot control like shoe with high heel cup. It can provide stability. 2. Do more exercise for training up the foot muscle. We suggest him to dance and rope skipping. 3. Wear the arch support insole to level up the arch and correct the flat feet.         

High Arch

陳小姐工作上需長時間站立,受到蹠骨炎(前掌痛症之一)困擾已近十年。此外,她有明顯的高弓足(高足弓)問題,曾穿著坊間的現成鞋墊認為承托力不足。為了減輕陳小姐蹠骨炎的問題,矯形師作出以下的建議: 由於陳小姐工作上需長時間站立,建議選購有良好吸震功能,能對抗來地面的衝擊力,減低對足部的負擔。 蹠骨炎所引發的痛症問題已影響C小姐的日常生活和工作。物理治療能以手法鬆弛過度堅硬的足掌結構,以回復它的柔韌性來承受震盪。 配合訂造鞋墊,提供足夠的足弓承托,能有效改正異常的足部力學,平均分布足底壓力,減輕前足的痛症問題。             


前掌底部痛症主要位置是腳掌底最前,腳趾後的區域。原因有很多,經常需要跳躍的運動員、常穿高跟鞋的女仕、患有扁平足的人士等,所以這症狀很常見。 早前本中心有一位患有此類痛症的年輕人求助,經了解,他喜歡運動:網球、羽毛球等,同時患有扁平足。(附圖) 矯形師給予以下建議: 足部壓力因扁平足而較集中於前掌,使前掌變闊,橫足弓亦有下陷的情況。因此,選購鞋類應有充足的前掌空間,鞋身不宜過於修身;後跟柸應較硬,以保護後跟,和避免後跟外翻的問題加劇。 不能忽視伸展運動的重要性。足底肌肉和筋膜因扁平足被過份拉扯,多做伸展運動能減少其拉扯感,避免過勞和受傷導致的痛症問題。 配合矯形鞋墊,承托足弓,重整足底的壓力分佈,減輕痛症。 穿著鞋墊後再跟進,他的評語:足弓感到承托,痛楚減輕。  

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