Chiropractic care can help Frozen shoulder (肩周炎,又稱五十肩)

Frozen shoulder is a condition that affects the shoulder, making it painful and stiff with loss of mobility. It is also known as adhesive capsulitis. The condition progresses gradually, worsening over time and resolving in a few years. Signs and symptoms of frozen shoulder include dull or aching pain in the outer shoulder area, inability to move the shoulder (restricted motion), pain during any type of shoulder movement, and pain in the shoulder during the night that disturbs sleep.

Treatments for frozen shoulder aim at reducing shoulder pain and preserving the range of motion. Chiropractic care can be an incredibly effective treatment option for people who suffer from frozen shoulder. With chiropractic care, people can control their pain, improve the range of motion of their shoulder, and expedite the recovery process .

Shoulder Movement without discomfort

Chiropractors use gentle and therapeutic techniques to reduce your pain and discomfort from shoulder pain caused by frozen shoulder. Chiropractic adjustments to the shoulder joint can help address misalignments and restore healthy functioning.