'Foot' and 'Spine' health affect each other. The foot would be affected while the spine in the bad condition.


Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

We offer you a range of professional services

Foot Bio-mechanic Assessment
Custom-made Insole (Foot Assessment)
Spinal Care
Boston Brace for Scoliosis
Scoliosis Ultrasound Scanning
Sport Lessons - Posture Correction Oriented (Chinese Only)
Pain management
Prosthesis & Orthosis

Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

Rebuild your foot and spine alignment through your own insoles, spinal care and multi-treatments

Types of Custom-made Insole

Customized insoles and their uses

Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

We care your foot and spine

We provide professional services and products.

According to the condition and needs of individual customers' feet and spine, we provide suitable suggestions and targeted solutions.

We introduce foot and spine care products, including insoles, shoes, foot care and spine care products.

Foot Bio-mechanic Assessment

Understand your foot and spine condition through foot muscle strength test and computerized plantar pressure analysis. With the professional analysis of orthotists, the cause(s) of your foot pain is determined , and provide the appropriate solution according to your foot condition.

Custom-made Orthotic Insole

Foot bio-mechanic Assessment will be conducted at the beginning. After understanding your foot condition, the foot-mold will be taken in a professional way. The orthotist will design the most suitable insole for you, according to your foot condition.

Sport lessons- Posture correct oriented (Chinese only)


Boston Brace for Scoliosis

Our scoliosis brace provides lightweight, easy-to-wear/wear off, easy-to-cover and comfortable orthopedic support for patients with scoliosis. It can effectively control and improve scoliosis condition and degree.

We care your foot health

Foot problems & pain

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''有一位小女孩,從2012年開始穿我設計的訂造鞋墊,到現在整整8年了。 見住佢4歲的樣子,每一年都至少見佢一次,除了見住佢對腳慢慢長大,亦不知不覺間睇住佢身心成長。 看見她的腳形改善了不少,老實說,我都有一啲成就感。''
Thomas Law

Hong Kong Foot Spine Assessment Centre

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