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Service for patient with leg length discrepancy

What is leg length discrepancy

Leg Length Discrepancy is a deformity with uneven leg length


Is it must be a problem if you have leg length discrepancy?

In fact, there are many people with leg length discrepancy, but depending on the difference between the feet. If two limb difference is larger than 5mm, there will be easily to have some problem. 5 毫米以上,身體可能就出現問題。

What is possible problem with leg length discrepancy?

長短腳 高低腳 扁平足 加高鞋

Leg Length Discrepancy will cause the body weight lean on one side and easily cause foot pain.

The body often tends to leaning on one side will cause back muscles stiffness and muscle imbalance. In some cases, it will lead to low back pain, scoliosis and pelvic tilting.

How to deal with leg length discrepancy?

It can be divided into functional leg length discrepancy and structural leg length discrepancy.

Functional leg length discrepancy

Bone length on two lower limb are not equal. It can be caused by poor bone healing from injury or surgery.

Structural leg length discrepancy

Bone length are equal but two limb imbalance are caused by muscle or tendon.

Different treatment method for different type of leg length discrepancy.

Yea, so we need to find out what type of leg length discrepancy patient have.

Treatment for structural leg length discrepancy

Insole/shoe with additional length to balance two limb's length

Treatment for functional leg length discrepancy

With arch support insole can support the foot arch and prevent the leg length discrepancy caused by flat feet.

Custom made insole

Shoe with additional height(patient need to prepare the shoe)

Which one should I use?

Our orthotist will determine their condition to prescribe the suitable treatment method.